NICKI MARX: Virtual Solo Exhibition

30 October 2021 - 30 April 2022

"By assembling natural materials, Marx slows the experience of perceived time insisting that the viewer study each tiny detail of iridescence or fragile edge of calamus.The over-all intensity of these minute elements joined together creates a greater whole. This understanding of the delicate balance of all things is central to Nicki Marx’s artwork. The meticulous constructions made from found and responsibly sourced materials demonstrates a deep relationship with time and space as well as the connection between art, our culture and the natural world". -- Kathleen Cullen

"My work, in its different facets, is a cry for the environment, for Mother Nature, and a celebratory ritual of our connection to the Earth,” Marx said. “ I feel that I am merely a conduit of earth magic -- through my eyes, heart and hands to my work. It’s a very powerful act and that strength is hopefully reflected in my pieces." -- Nicki Marx

Installation Views