John Kingerlee: Solo Exhibition

15 December 2021 - 31 December 2022

"Kingerlee creates intimately, all the better to lose ourselves in his painted worlds without the burden of grandiosity of size or gesture. " 

 --John Mendelsohn

Cross Contemporary Partners is pleased to present a virtual three dimensional solo exhibition of works on paper by John Kingerlee. The exhibition is presented online in a virtual gallery space that can be accessed at This is John Kinglerlee’s first solo show with the gallery and the exhibition runs through Dec 30, 2022.

The artworks in this exhibition have been curated from recent collages on paper created
since 2014. These abstract works on paper are explorations in space and being using
thick paint and integrating collaged elements. These artworks reflect the light and rocky
terrain of Kingerlee’s home on the remote Beara peninsula in County Cork. The raised
surface textures reveal hints of landscapes, figures, architecture as well as purely
abstract presences and the collages are like extemporaneous diaries as past and
present layers collide. Kingerlee’s artworks reveal struggle and effort yet finish with a
calm beauty that exists because of this wrestling of paint, brush and vision and this
history is part of their identity. The art critic John Mendelsohn writes that “Kingerlee's
paintings are literally in touch with their subjects, simultaneously tactile and visual. The
intimacy of this work leaves no space between artist and subject, viewer and the
experience of seeing.”

From his first exhibition in 1967 in London, England, Kingerlee has continued to show
throughout the United Kingdom and internationally in the United States and China.
John Kingerlee has had solo exhibitions at The National Art Museum of China (Beijing,
CN), The University of Texas at Austin, (Austin, TX), The Phillips Museum (Lancaster,
PA), Appleton Museum of Art (Ocalal, FL), Museum of the Southwest,(Midland, TX),
Wichita Falls Museum of Art (Wichita Falls, TX), The Parthenon Museum, (Nashville,
TN) and group exhibitions in Hong Kong (CN), New York City, Los Angeles (US) and St.
Ives (UK) among many others. Mr. Kingerlee resides in Skibereen, Co. Cork, Ireland.