Eric Sanders: Virtual Solo Exhibition

1 October 2021 - 30 April 2022

What he effectively communicates more than anything else is, in fact, a paradox: a melding of cohesive patterns with unbridled, freewheeling energies. Sanders is working within an established abstract idiom, but the thrust of his work breaks through any existing mold and expresses a unique poetic vision.

--Jonathan Goodman

Eric Sanders's paintings express a love of color and gesture. Every mark has passionate intension and Sanders's command of color creates new combinations that vibrate, dissonate and ultimately support one another.  This virtual solo exhibition of Sanders' recent work is a visualization of how  an installation of the artist's paintings would be in a three dimensional space. Given the large scale of some of the paintings, experiencing Sanders's artwork in a simulated space lends it context and proportion and allow the viewer to confront the power of the original canvases.