Sarah Hinckley Solo Exhibition: New Paintings and Works on Paper

27 March - 30 November 2021

The most engaging aspect of Hinckley’s painting is the combination of her attraction for minimal or simplified imagery... realizing the shapes in her art, which are usually organic in nature, link her paintings with an esthetic of elegant simplicity. --Jonathan Goodman

Sarah Hinckley's childhood in Cape Cod with its salt marshes, beaches and ocean skies have long inspired her as an artist. After receiving her BFA from Tufts University and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Hinckley moved to New York City to complete her MFA studies at Columbia University. It was during this time that Hinckley gravitated to the color field paintings of Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin creating canvases with wide swathes of colors that refer to nature, but without its literal representations.


In spite of living and working in New York City, the natural beauty of Cape Cod continued to inform her paintings with subtle nods to landscape and botanical forms.  Painting with oils on canvas, Hinckley permits the process to shine through in her work. Gravity pulls at the fluid paint leaving dripping edges or the casual rough skip of brushwork just skims the surface. Simple bands of color reference the complicated interplay of light and shadow, and the texture of time on changing forms, while reducing this natural symphony to a simple, elegant melody.


In 2016, after almost 30 years in New York City, Hinckley returned full time to Cape Cod. She alternates between larger paintings on canvas and smaller watercolors that often serve as studies for her oils. Sarah Hinckley’s artworks have been exhibited widely throughout the United States with exhibitions most recently at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Mattatuck Museum, Calhoon Museum of Contemporary Art, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Littlejohn Contemporary, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary and Lanoue Gallery. Her work can be found in many corporate and private collections.


Installation Views