Dellamarie Parrilli: Solo Exhibition: Up Close and Colorful

1 January - 29 March 2021

Dellamarie Parrilli's paintings oscillate between color and form, with an intense gestural energy that builds portals of energy and streaming sheets of sheer color. 

The paintings of Dellamarie Parrilli, a particularly cheerful variant on abstract expressionism, look to bright colors, often primary, that are merged in forms that are resolutely nonobjective. A restless and intrepid experimenter, it is Parrilli’s prior extensive background in music and dance that is reflected in her work. She has transformed her creativity for expression from the stage to the studio from her own unique perspective and introspective vision. Art writer Jonathan Goodman observes: “her art looks to an implicit merger between individualized components of painting and the nearly excessive beauty of nature.”

Installation Views