Space & Being: Francie Lyshak and Francine Tint: ARTISTS RECEPTION SATURDAY, JULY 17 4-6PM

July 17, 2021

The paintings of Francie Lyshak and Francine Tint are united as non-objective color-field explorations. However, the similarity ends as the two artists diverge: Lyshak’s paintings are paced and meditative while Tint’s canvases are full of emotive choreography. The glowing pigment fields in Francie Lyshak’s canvases, scraped with sculptural marks, create a surface relief that interacts with the ambient light. Francine Tint’s broad, gestural brushwork “roils with color eruptions and lyrical flows”* As a color-based painter, Tint’s work explores emotion through high-key and low-key color achieving the luminous effects found in nature whereas Lyshak's textured oils are discrete objects in and of themselves. Yet together, both artists create different kinds of space - at once expansive and minute - as well as different states of being - emphatic yet calm, raucous yet measured. Lyshak and Tint channel their love of painting with such fierce energy, this experience inevitably envelopes the viewer and compels us to join them in their worlds of space and being. More about this exhibition click here.

-- Jen Dragon, guest curator for Joyce Goldstein Gallery

*Frank, Peter “Real Abstraction: Five Painters Beyond the Painting” March, 2021