"In Moline-Kramer's art, we are witness to a unique knitting-together of histories both visual and personal with a Buddhist's sensitivity to the present moment." - Michael Wilson

Bobbie Moline-Kramer was born in Iowa and lives and works in Southern California.
Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and institutions throughout the US, and has been subject to critical acclaim such as in
Artes Magazine;; CultureCatch; Huffington Post; Los Angeles Times; WhiteHot Magazine of Contemporary Art, among others.


Moline-Kramer’s solo exhibitions include the Carnegie Museum of Art, Oxnard, CA in 2012 and 2005; Scape Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA; LGL Gallery, Studio City, CA; Red House Gallery, Venice, CA; Patricia Correia Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; and Diane Nelson Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA. Her group exhibitions include the Museum of Contemporary Art; Los Angeles, Santa Monica Museum of Art; and Long Beach Museum of Art.


Recent exhibitions include Texas A&M University; Charles B. Goddard Center for Visual and Performing Arts, OK; Hardin Center for Cultural Arts, AL; Waterloo Center for the Arts, IA; The Quincy Art Center, IL; Chicago Academy of Science's Peggy Noteabart Nature Museum, IL. Group exhibitions include Lichtundfire, NY, NY; Elga Wimmer Gallery NY, NY. Her work is included currently in a travelling exhibition Parallel Fields to be hosted by the University of South Dakata and the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. 


"Moline-Kramer refuses the modernist narrative of linear ‘progress’ from one artistic vision to the next. Instead, she confronts us with naturalism and abstraction simultaneously leaving us to decide whether they are in visual or ideological conflict with one another, and what the outcome is or ought to be." - Michael Wilson

Bobbie Moline-Kramer was born in Fort Madison, Iowa in 1946. She moved with her parents about every three years, and lived in seven locations by the time she was sixteen. She was fascinated by art as a child, and went on to take her first community college art class with the noted conceptualist John Baldessari. Moline-Kramer was part of the circle of artists working with Allan Kaprow, the inventor of Happenings, and participated in an art commune in San Diego from 1964-74. She went on to study illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and later earned a double degree in biology and illustration at California State University, Long Beach, graduating with a BFA in 1981. After college, Moline-Kramer worked as an artist in the bio-medical field for eight years, then switched to food and product illustration, and later to editorial work. In 1984, she was elected president of the West Coast branch of the Society of Illustrators. While engaged in commercial work, Moline-Kramer was creating her own art, and in 2006, she turned to painting full time, progressing from high realism to her current abstract work. Early on, Moline-Kramer was drawn to representational painters such as Maxfield Parrish and Andrew Wyeth. I


In the 1970s, her job as a flight attendant gave her the chance to travel abroad and visit many museums and art galleries. The range of her artistic influences expanded to include Monet, Turner, Twombly, Keifer, and Japanese woodblock prints, which she prized, in her words, “for their use of flattened space combined with tightly rendered realism.” This combination of qualities revealed themselves in her paintings of the mid–2000s. In 2002 Moline-Kramer created the paintings for the sold-out exhibition Imprints, which captured peoples’ reactions to the events of September 11, 2001. Face to Face was series of paintings which focused on the close-up visages of actors and comedians hired by the artist to display a spectrum of emotional states. This group of photo-realist works was followed by All That Remains, a series that focused on birds on tree branches, which constituted a symbolic family history. The series As Above, So Below combined flowing and dripping paint with images of monkeys and crows. These are layered, complex works that often develop intuitively in unpredictable stages. The artist has described the process as, “the ghost of realism coming through the abstraction. And through this, the emotion of the piece begins to emerge. Her newest series is Color Coded Emotions which combines photo-realistic faces with elements of abstraction. 


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